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Lacombe Farmers’ Market Vendor Policies and Procedures

  1. Products sold

    1. All products or services a Vendor wishes to sell must be listed on their application and approved by the Market Manager.  Products not listed must be approved by the Market Manager.

  2. What can’t be sold at the Lacombe Farmers Market

    1. Vegetables from outside of AB

    2. Fruit from outside of Canada

    3. Tobacco, Vaping products/equipment

    4. Marijuana – including edibles

    5. Used items and antiques

    6. Flea market item

    7. Live animals

    8. Anything that is illegal to sell/trade or own in Canada

    9. Weapons

    10. Food item AHS has not approved for sale at farmers markets

  3. Compliance with Legislation

    1. Food vendors must follow all food safety training and paperwork required by AHS for the items they are selling and must bring a paper photo copy for the Market Manager on their 1st market day. Food safety training and permits if required by AHS.

    2. All AHS rules and regulations must be followed at all times. – Items being sold outside of the AHS guidelines may not be sold.

    3. All claims made about a product must be backed up.  Organic must be certified, cures – treats – must have medical studies recognised by health Canada etc.

    4. Helpful links

      1. Environmental Public Health

      2. Guidelines for Public Market Managers and Vendor

      3. Labelling Food Requirements

  4. Stall Rental

    1. Payment methods – website, cash, cheque, e-transfer to,

    2. Bank charges for NSF Cheques will be passed onto the issuer of the cheque.

    3. If you owe money to the market you must settle your debts before attending another market.

  5. Setup

    1. Setup starts 2 hours before the start of the Market – Contact the Market Manager if you require more time.

    2. You must be at the market 30 minutes before the market starts

    3. All goods, and displays must be within the area you have been assigned

    4. Any damage you do to the facility is your responsibility to have it repaired.

  6. Tear-down

    1. You must wait until the market ends before packing up.

    2. All garbage is to be removed – your spot should be in better condition then when you arrived.

  7. Cancellations/refunds

    1. If you are unable to attend a market, please advise the Market Manager at least 48 hours in advance of the market. This can be done via text message 403.318.8678, or email to:, Failure to properly advise the Market Manager will result in a verbal notice. A second infraction will result in your permanent spot being lost and you may be moved to fill spots. A third infraction or on any no show, the Market Manager will send an email to you to see if you are intending to continue to be a part of the market.  At the Market Managers discretion, another vendor may be brought in to replace you.


  1. If the market is canceled, those who have pre-paid will be refunded for the averaged rental cost ie $425/21 markets=$20.25

  2. If you are unable to attend a market and give 48 hours notice.

    1. If you pre-paid at the discounted rate after missing 4 markets ($425 pre-pay equals 4 free market days) you will get refunds for any additional days

    2. If you prepaid your credit will be used for other market days – or you will receive a refund if other market days will not work for you or the market.

    3. To receive a refund a refund form must be filled out and signed by you, the Market Manager and a member of the Board of Directors

  1. Buskers

    1. Buskers must be approved by the Market Manager.

    2. Placement and duration of performance at said location is at the discretion of the Market Manager.

  2. Smoking

There is no smoking allowed within 10 meters of the LFM.

  1. Code of Conduct

All Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner while at the LFM.

Expected conduct includes proper attire, and business practices that positively reflect on the reputation and values of the market and align with the Vision and Mission of the LFMA.

All Vendors must be kind and respectful to each other and the public.

All selling must be done within your assigned space.Loud calling out is not permitted.

Vendors are asked to have an individual present at their stall at all times.

All vendors will guarantee the quality of all products they sell.

  1. Complaints and Suggestions

    1. Complaints and suggestions may be made in writing and submitted to the Market Manager, a LFM Board Member or via email to: They must be dated and signed prior to being submitted.

    2. They will be reviewed by the LFMA Board of Directors at its earliest convenience.

  2. Penalties and Appeal Process

    1. If a Vendor does not follow the LFM Policies and Procedures, the Market Manager will issue a verbal warning. A second infraction will result in a written warning from the Market Manager. A third infraction will result in expulsion from the LFM.

    2. Appeals of the warning or notice of expulsion can be made in writing to the Lacombe Farmers’ Market Association Board of Directors via email to: within seven (7) days of receipt of the notice of expulsion, and will be reviewed by the Board within thirty (30) days.

    3. During the appeal of a notice of expulsion process, the Vendor under review will be prohibited from attending the LFM.

    4. The Market Manager and the Board of Directors of the LFM reserve the right to bypass verbal and written warnings.

  3. Personal Information Protection Act

By submitting this application consent is implied for the LFM to disclose your name, company name, email address, and/or telephone number to those persons inquiring about your product(s) or service(s), and for the LFM website.

  • It also provides consent for LFM to take pictures during Market hours for marketing and advertising purposes.

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