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Lacombe Farmers Market

Vendor Policies and Procedures 2024


1. Products sold

  • All products or services a Vendor wishes to sell must be listed on their application and approved by the Market Manager. Products not listed must be approved by the Market Manager.

  • No Exclusivity will be given.

​2. What can’t be sold at the Lacombe Farmers Market

  • Tobacco, Vaping products/equipment

  • Marijuana – including edibles.

  • Used items and antiques.

  • Flea market item

  • Live animals

  • Anything that is illegal to sell/trade or own in Canada.

  • Weapons

  • Food item AHS has not approved for sale at farmers markets. 

  •  Fruit from outside of Canada (Managers Discretion)    


​3. Compliance with Legislation

​4. Stall Rental

  • Spring Markets (Indoor): one 8-foot table + 2 chairs included - $30.00/per spot.

  • Summer Outdoor Markets: one 10 x 10 stall - $30.00/per stall

  • Winter Markets (Indoor): one 8-foot table + 2 chairs included - $45.00/per spot.

  • Payment methods – cash, cheque, e-transfer to

  • Bank charges for NSF Cheques will be passed onto the issuer of the cheque.

  • Payment is due upon approval. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • If you owe money to the market, you must settle your debts before attending another market.

5. Setup

  • Setup starts 2 hours before the start of the Market – Contact the Market Manager if you require more time.

  • You must be at the market 45 minutes before the market starts.

  • Tents must be weighted 20 lbs per corner minimum.  Weights should be tethered to the canopy not just around the leg.

  • All goods, and displays must be within the area you have been assigned.

  • A-frame signs are permitted in outdoor markets – the Market Manager may adjust the position of the sign to modulate the flow of traffic.

  • Any damage you do to the facility is your responsibility to have repaired.

  • Vendors may park one vehicle behind to their assigned stalls in the outside markets.  Helper’s vehicles outdoors must park at the far end of public parking.

  • Indoor markets all vehicles must be moved to the edge of the LMC.

6. Tear-down

  • You must wait until the market ends before packing up. Packing up early could and will result in you not being invited back.

  • No leaving the market till 15 mins after market ends. This will be strictly enforced for safety of customers still walking.

  • All garbage is to be removed – your spot should be in better condition then when you arrived.   

​7. Cancellations/refunds

  • If you are unable to attend a market, please advise the Market Manager at least 2 weeks in advance of the market. This can ONLY be done via text message 403-318-8678, or email to: Not my personal cell or Facebook.


Failure to properly advise the Market Manager will result in a verbal notice and loss of table rent. A second infraction will result in your permanent spot being lost and you may be moved to fill spots. A third infraction or on any no show, the Market Manager will send an email to you to see if you are intending to continue to be a part of the market.  At the Market Managers discretion, another vendor may be brought in to replace you.



  • If you are unable to attend a market, you must give 2 weeks notice.

  • To receive a refund, you must email the Lacombe Farmers Market. with your request. It will be reviewed and sent to the board for approval.​

8. Busking 

  1. Buskers must be approved by the Market Manager.

  2. Placement and duration of performance at said location is at the discretion of the Market Manager.



9. Smoking

  • There is no smoking allowed within the sales area.



10. Code of Conduct

All Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner while at the LFM.

Expected conduct includes proper attire, and business practices that positively reflect on the reputation and values of the market and align with the Vision and Mission of the LFMA.

All Vendors must be kind and respectful to each other and the public.

There is to be absolutely no selling of products outside of your 10x10 space.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the market and any future markets.

All products must be inside your 10x10 spaces including displays unless approved by market manager.

Vendors are asked to always have an individual present at their stall.

All vendors will guarantee the quality of all products they sell.


  1.  Anti-bullying and harassment policy statement

The Lacombe Farmers Market and its board is committed to having a respectful work site. The LFM Farmers Market is not an employer of vendors and

therefore, will only address vendor issues that are related to the direct operations at the work site during market hours.


2. Marketplace conduct

Bullying and harassment is not acceptable or tolerated in this Marketplace. All persons must be treated in a fair and respectful manner.


3. Bullying and harassment

(a) includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a member towards another person that is known or reasonably ought to be known would

cause that person to be humiliated or intimidated, but

(b) excludes any reasonable action taken relating to the management and direction of vendors or their booth.

Examples of conduct or comments that may constitute bullying and harassment include verbal aggression or insults, calling someone derogatory names,

harmful hazing or initiation practices, vandalizing personal belongings, and spreading malicious rumours.

Examples of conduct or comments that are not considered to be bullying and/or harassment: conduct carried out to run the market site, conduct that is in

accordance with the rules of the market, conduct by vendors outside of the market site and its posted hours of operation.


4. Members must:

• not engage in the bullying and harassment of other persons

• report if bullying and harassment is observed or experienced

• apply and comply with the LFM’S policies and procedures on bullying and harassment.


5. Application

This policy statement applies to all members, their employees, and LFM Farmers Market employees, including permanent, temporary, casual, contract, and

student workers. It applies to contact for the purposes of vending during market site hours of operation. If vendors choose to interact with each other

outside of the market site and its hours of operation, those communications will fall outside of this policy statement.


6.  Reports of Policy Statement Contravention:

Member/employee responsibility:

Report in writing any incident that you feel contravenes this policy statement.

To the Lacombe farmers market board at


• Incident details must include to the best of your ability:

date and time of incident

location of incident

purpose of the interaction (if applicable)

names of any witnesses who may have witnessed the incident.

must be signed and dated.

Board responsibility:

• Investigation process will start within 2 weeks of the receipt of the report.

• Board designate will talk to all who are identified as involved in the incident or who may have witnessed the incident

• If the allegation includes a board member, the board member will be removed from all board discussion of the matter.

• All investigations will include written notes.

• Board designate will make recommendations to the board on corrective actions and any support that may be required by the target and/or witnesses within 14 days of the investigation completion.

• The Board will review the recommendations and will make a decision to be communicated within 14 days.

• All submissions will be kept confidential at the Board level. The Market Manager will not be involved in these investigations, unless they have information that may be relevant to the allegation.

All vendors will go through an orientation to this policy statement and will be asked to sign below before being permitted to vend at the Lacombe Farmers Market

Market. Vendors who refuse to attend an orientation and/or sign this statement will not be permitted to vend at the Lacombe Farmers Market until they have done so.

I have taken the orientation session, understood the policy statement and agreed to abide by this policy statement as it relates to bullying and harassment.





11. Complaints and Suggestions

  1. Complaints and suggestions may be made in writing and submitted to the Market Manager, a LFM Board Member or via email to: They must be dated and signed prior to being submitted.

  2. They will be reviewed by the LFMA Board of Directors at its earliest convenience.





12. Penalties and Appeal Process

  1. If a Vendor does not follow the LFM Policies and Procedures, the Market Manager will issue a verbal warning. A second infraction will result in a written warning from the Market Manager. A third infraction will result in expulsion from the LFM.

  2. The Market Manager and the Board of Directors of the LFM reserve the right to bypass verbal and written warnings.

  3. Appeals of the warning or notice of expulsion can be made in writing to the Lacombe Farmers’ Market Association Board of Directors via email to: within seven (7) days of receipt of the notice of expulsion, and will be reviewed by the Board within thirty (30) days.

  4. During the appeal of a notice of expulsion process, the Vendor under review will be prohibited from attending the LFM.


13. Personal Information Protection Act

By submitting this application consent is implied for the LFM to disclose your name, company name, email address, and/or telephone number to those persons inquiring about your product(s) or service(s), and for the LFM website.

  1. It also provides consent for LFM to take pictures during Market hours for marketing and advertising purposes

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